10 June 2019
Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown raises concern at threat of Chinese extradition Bill to the independence of the Hong Kong legal system

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown calls on the Chinese Government to heed the large number of protestors on the streets of Hong Kong against the extradition Bill.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (The Cotswolds) (Con)

Does the right hon. Gentleman agree that China is a member of the UN P5 and of the World Trade Organisation and therefore does believe in an international rules-based system? Hong Kong has one of the strongest independent legal systems in the world and the extradition Bill is described as one of the worst threats to that legal system of any Bill introduced so far. As such, the Chinese Government would do well to heed the large number of protestors on the streets in the past few hours.

Mr Carmichael

I differ from the hon. Gentleman only in the smallest grammatical sense, in that as a member of all those various international bodies, the Chinese Government ought to believe in, adhere to and demonstrate respect for international law. In this particular care, they are manifestly failing to do that.