11 July 2019
Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown highlights the need to focus on rebuilding our relationship with the US following the resignation of the UK ambassador

Following the Government statement on the resignation of the United Kingdom’s ambassador to the United States, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown calls on the Government to move on from this serious event and rebuild our relationship with the US.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (The Cotswolds) (Con)

While acknowledging Sir Kim’s exemplary public service, may I ask my right hon. Friend whether he agrees that we must now move on from this serious event and start to rebuild our relationship with our most important and closest ally?

Sir Alan Duncan

Of course we have to draw a line under this, because the world does not stop and diplomacy is needed to ensure that such an important relationship as this has a proper functioning diplomatic structure. My hon. Friend is absolutely right to say that we have to move on from this and draw a line, and I hope that having a new ambassador will enable us to do so at all the layers, once the new appointment is in place.