15 January 2021
Vaccine Programme

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vaccine Programme

1 Where can I find the latest vaccination statistics?

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2. Who are the top four priority groups being offered the vaccination by 15 February? 

• all residents in a care home for older adults and their carers 

• all those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers 

• all those 75 years of age and over 

• all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals

3. How many vaccines have been secured? 

Through the Vaccines Taskforce, the UK has secured early access to 367 million doses of 7 of the most promising vaccines so far. To date, the Government has invested over £230 million into manufacturing a successful vaccine. In the Chancellor’s Spending Review, published on 25 November, it was announced that the government has made more than £6 billion available to develop and procure successful vaccines.

4. Who can use the new vaccination centres? 

• The NHS has begun opening its newest front in the fight against COVID-19 with the activation of the first seven NHS Vaccination Centres to vaccinate people aged 80 and over, along with health and care staff. 

• As well as offering additional options for the over-80s, the NHS Vaccination Centres will also help in the NHS’s drive to protect its own frontline staff as well as social care workers providing vital support in communities. 

5. How will patients be invited for a vaccination? 

• Vaccination will be managed by the health services in each nation: NHS England and NHS Improvement, NHS Wales, NHS Scotland, and Health and Social Care Northern Ireland. The UK Government is working closely with the Devolved Administrations to ensure an aligned approach to COVID-19 vaccine deployment across the UK. 

• The vaccine will be available for free across the UK. We have procured vaccines on behalf of all parts of the country. The government is working with the devolved administrations to ensure it is deployed fairly across the UK. 

6. Why is vaccination not recommended for children? 

• Almost all children with COVID-19 have no symptoms or mild disease and the vaccines not yet been tested in younger children. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation advises that only children at very high risk of catching the virus and serious illness, such as older children with severe neuro-disabilities in residential care, should be offered vaccination. 

7. Will you be running vaccine clinics over weekends and bank holidays? 

The NHS will be working hard to ensure the vaccine gets to those who need it, including on weekends and bank holidays.

8.How can I volunteer to help with the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Gloucestershire?


9.I am in one of the listed groups, why do I have to wait?

The COVID-19 vaccines will become available as they are approved for use and as each batch is manufactured. So, every dose is needed to protect those at highest risk. You will be called in as soon as there is enough vaccine available.

Some people who are housebound or live in a care home and who can’t get to a local vaccination centre may have to wait for supply of the right type of vaccine. This is because only some vaccines can be transported between people’s homes.

10. Where you can get the COVID-19 vaccination?

Vaccines will be offered in a range of settings. Some vaccination teams will visit people to offer the vaccine, for example in care homes, other people may have to go to the nearest centre. Because some of the vaccine has to be stored in a very low temperature freezer, you may not be able to get the vaccine in your normal GP surgery.

11.The centre I have been offered is not easy to attend, what should I do?

Please try to attend the vaccination centre you are offered. If you cannot attend that centre you may have to wait to get the vaccine in a more convenient location.

12.Can I pay for a COVID-19 vaccine privately or at a pharmacy?

The COVID-19 vaccination is only available through the NHS to eligible groups and it is a free vaccination.


For full Government Guidance: 


Please click here to read the Covid-19 vaccine delivery plan in full: Delivery Plan