18 January 2024
Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP welcomes funding boost for schools in the Cotswolds as the Government brings school funding to its highest level in history

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP has welcomed the news that schools in England are set to benefit from record funding as England’s core school budget reaches almost £60 billion in 2024-25 – its highest ever level in real terms, with the Cotswolds set to benefit from a total funding increase of £1,510,094 in 2024-25 compared to 2023-24. 

Thanks to the Government’s widespread education reforms, England continues to rise up the global rankings in maths, reading, and science. Just this month, England was ranked 11th in the world for maths, up from 27th in 2009, placing England as one of the top performing countries in the western world, and in May, England was named ‘best in the west’ for primary reading.  

As education standards continue to rise across England, so is support for schools. That is why this Government is increasing funding for schools in England to the highest ever in real terms per pupil.  

Pupil premium funding rates will increase to £1,480 for primary pupils and £1,050 for secondary pupils in 2024-25, an increase of ten per cent since 2021-22, to support schools in disadvantaged areas to raise educational outcomes for the pupils who need it most.  

This funding also includes an extra £440 million investment to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to fund special schools and provide mainstream schools with additional resources to meet the needs of pupils with complex SEND. 

The Government is continuing to deliver the long-term decisions to ensure our education system is fit for every child, giving them the best start in life and ensuring that they develop all the skills they need to fulfil their potential.