15 June 2021
Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown comments on PM’s decision to delay the final phase of the roadmap

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said:

Following the Government statement yesterday on pausing the easing of Covid restrictions, I called on the Health Secretary to publish the data comparing the risk to the health service and the risk to individuals of death, as opposed to those on the social harm and the harm to businesses.

I understand the reasoning as to why the Prime Minister has delayed the final phase of the roadmap until the 19 July. The vaccine greatly reduces transmission and two doses provide a very high degree of protection against serious illness and death.  By 19 July the Government has committed to offering all adults their first dose of the vaccine with around two thirds fully vaccinated. 

The changes to the current guidance include removing the 30 person list on wedding and wakes. I hope the announcement on weddings will be a welcomed step in the right direction for the industry and for couples who deserve clarity on whether their weddings can take place as planned.

However, there will be many other sectors including the travel, leisure, tourism, and hospitality industries which will continue to be adversely affected by the lockdown and who are worried about the impending phasing out of furlough scheme. I will continue to raise their concerns with Government.”