19 June 2020
Latest Live stream from the Barn Theatre

‘Back to school - how can we make this happen?

To discuss this topic, I am delighted to welcome a panel of experts

Will Morgan - Principal of Cotswold School

Julie Fellows - Headmistress of Fairford Primary School

Andy Milner - Headmaster Coberley C of E Primary School

George Croxford - CEO of Royal Wootton Bassett Trust

Jim Grant - Principal of Cirencester College

In addition to the expert panel, I will be joined on stage in the studio by a panel of parents who will be asking the expert panel questions.

If you have questions relating to the theme, please email us or ask your question during the live stream on The Barn Facebook page or other platforms such as the Cirencester Chamber of Commerce Facebook page
I will open the session with a brief introduction and ask questions of the guest panellists. Questions from the members of the public will follow. 

We welcome your input so please email your questions to either contact@cotswoldspeaks.co.uk or livestream on The Barn Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theBarnTheatreCirencester/.

The session will be filmed and live streamed from the Barn Theatre where the production crew will be strictly adhering to government guidelines on social distancing.

Where to watch:
The Cotswold Conservatives Facebook Page, the Cirencester Chamber of Commerce Facebook page, and the Fairford and Lechlade Business Club Facebook page will all be hosting the stream.