5 July 2021
June Update on the path to sustainable farming from DEFRA

Linked is the June Update on the path to sustainable farming from DEFRA. The update provides more detail on the early rollout of the Sustainable Farming Incentive in 2022, including details on the standards included and the benefits for those farmers taking up the offer. 

I am glad to see that the Government is targeting special help in the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMs) for National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as the Cotswolds. This will enable farmers to mitigate the impact of climate change and support nature-friendly sustainable farm businesses.  

The update also includes information on two soils standards from 2022, with payments for farmers to take care of their soils helping food production, carbon sequestration, water quality, flood risk mitigation and enhanced biodiversity. The Government will also be offering a new Annual Health and Welfare Review.  

The Path to Sustainable Farming: An Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 to 2024

DEFRA - Farming is Changing leaflet