1 November 2023
Clifton-Brown welcomes train ticket offices reprieve

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said:

“Very pleased to welcome the news that the Government is scrapping the proposals to close all rail ticket offices. I received a considerable amount of objections from constituents to this proposal and lobbied government hard to abandon it.

“The Rail Stations Ticket Office Consultation was launched over the summer, the idea proposed was to close ticket offices and have existing staff provide customer service away from the offices in stations. The consultation took into account the opinions of accessibility groups, passenger bodies, and the representation from MPs on behalf of their constituents. 

“The Government has spent £31 billion on railways during the pandemic, and reform is vital to improve the service for passengers and secure the railway's long-term financial position. However, this particular proposal was clearly unpopular with a large number of rail users. Many MP’s including myself lobbied the government to abandon these plans and I therefore warmly welcome this outcome.”