30 April 2024
Action on flooding at Tesco Kings Meadow Roundabout

Following the most recent six-monthly flood meeting held in Cirencester on Friday 26 April by Cotswolds MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, the ongoing issue of the flooding at the Tesco Kings Meadow roundabout was raised.

At the meeting, there was considerable discussion about this roundabout which has had problems since it was built basically on or very close to the route of the River Churn.  It will need a radical solution otherwise the roundabout is likely to become flooded every time there is severe rainfall and this must be a significant hazard for motorists.

The immediate problem is that a large hole has appeared under the highway, there is a pipe under the roundabout which is either not big enough or blocked.  If this is the case, the solution could be to dig a channel around the roundabout and insert a larger pipe.

The fact that this roundabout has been partially closed for several weeks and is causing significant congestion, particularly at peak times in the mornings and evenings, is very unsatisfactory for the town, businesses, and visitors.

To help find a solution to the problem Sir Geoffrey has raised his concerns with the Local Highways Manager for the South Cotswolds, from Gloucestershire County Council Highways. He has requested a detailed update on the situation which can be shared with those who attended the flood meeting on Friday. Sir Geoffrey also asked if a partial re-opening could be considered for the May Bank Holiday weekend, a temporary solution to prevent exacerbating bank holiday congestion.

Commenting, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said:

“I accept that this is a complex problem and whilst I am awaiting the latest report, it appears that Gloucestershire Highways have made very little progress since the roundabout was partially closed at the beginning of March. I am now appealing to Gloucestershire Highways to urgently come up with a solution and if it cannot be achieved in the time available, the hole should be filled in temporarily and the roundabout opened for the May bank holiday.

“Any further closures should be for as limited time as is possible, to do the necessary repairs”.