26 July 2019
Ring-fenced funding for cycling and walking

The Government is determined to make cycling and walking the natural choices for short journeys, or as part of longer journeys, by 2040. I am pleased that in the short term, Ministers have set an aim to double cycling activity to 1.6 billion stages per year, and increase walking activity to 300 stages per person per year. Moreover, I am encouraged by 2025, the Government wants to see 55 per cent of children aged five to ten regularly walking to school.
Indeed, increasing levels of active travel has huge benefits, including for road congestion, air quality, and for health and wellbeing, as well as for local communities and economies.
I welcome that spending on cycling and walking in England has doubled from £3.50 per head to around £7 per head in this four-year spending review period, and has trebled since 2010. Around £2 billion is being invested in cycling and walking over the current Parliament. This is through the Government's Cycling and Walking Investment strategy, and through additional investments by local councils and metro mayors. 
In addition, the transforming cities fund of £2.5 billion is also designed to improve local transport links, including cycling and walking routes, while £220 million of capital and revenue funding is available through the Clean Air Fund from 2018 to 2020. Eligible local authorities can use this funding to support measures such as improving cycling. 
The Department for Transport is also providing a £2 million package of technical and strategic support to 46 local authorities to assist with the preparation of Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans.

In my constituency, I always encourage the authorities to consider including cycleways wherever practical.