7 May 2024
Emergency Energy Tariff Campaign

I am aware of the impact that global energy price rises have had on consumers, and I welcome the action taken by the Government to support the most vulnerable. 

To support consumers, the Government maintained the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) until April 2024.  Alongside this, over 2023-24, the Government provided targeted support to the most vulnerable through Cost of Living Payments, which have been paid to eight million households on eligible means-tested-benefits, six million people on eligible disability benefits, and eight million pensioner households. Additionally, to empower local authorities to provide discretionary support to those most in need, the Government has provided £500 of extra funding to the Household Support Fund, bringing the total of the fund to £3 billion.

Moreover, as you may know, benefits and the state pension were increased by 6.7 per cent, in line with inflation, on 6 April 2024.

More broadly, to shield consumers from fluctuations in the global energy market, the Government is taking steps to safeguard Britain's energy supply and power up Britain. Alongside the measures I have outlined, the Government will bring forward legislation to reduce dependence on higher-emission imports from overseas, including from countries like Russia.