8th September 2017

Parliament has now returned after the summer recess and some of you may have seen in the national media that I have had quite a lot of coverage as co-Chair of the APPG for North Korean.

I was pleased to have had a discussion with Madam Fu Ying – former Chinese Ambassador to the UK – and now Vice-Foreign Minister in Beijing. She agreed with my key message that President Trump and President Xi Jinping have a duty to the rest of the world to sit down to see how they can sort this serious situation out.

Chesterton Development Section 106

In my acceptance speech following my General Election victory in June, I made it clear that I would try to steer the future of Cirencester in a more coherent direction. I was unhappy to discover that far-reaching changes relating to the Chesterton development have been agreed to by the District Council without any public consultation.

A public debate is crucial for local residents to have a proper say in the planning process and I would like to encourage the District Council in the strongest possible way to delay the decision on the Section 106 agreement until after the public have been properly consulted.

Blind Delegation visit to Downing Street


Geoffrey Clifton-Brown with Oliver Stevenson

GC-B with Oliver Stevenson

Earlier this week I was delighted to meet with my constituent Oliver Stevenson who, along with a large delegation of blind people from around the country, presented a petition to the Prime Minister at Downing Street regarding the safety of shared space schemes in town and city centres.

As I guided Mr Stevenson to Downing St, I experienced first-hand the difficulties that blind people have in navigating busy town and city centres. To this end, I have called upon Cirencester Town, Cotswold District and Gloucestershire County Council to review the dangerous pavement design in the new Cirencester Market Place.

The sloping kerb design makes it almost impossible for guide dogs to identify where the pavement becomes the road. The new pavements have already caused a number of serious accidents for elderly and disabled residents and I will do everything possible to ensure that future accidents do not occur.

Public Accounts Committee

Earlier this week I was pleased to be reappointed as a member of the Public Accounts Committee. I previously served on this important committee between 1997-1999. The Public Accounts Committee involves an enormous workload which covers the vast spectrum of Government spending and I look forward to getting started!



Finally, I would like to record my sadness at the passing of Rosie Tufnell and John Ashplant earlier this summer. I was honoured to work with both of them during my political career and their experience and key involvement in the local politics of the Cotswolds was always invaluable.

Cirencester Survey

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Latest Newsletter

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown opening the new Stratton Court Care Home

I was very pleased to have been invited to the opening of the new nursing home and retirement village at Stratton Court in Cirencester.

17th May 2018

How to raise an issue

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In some cases a face-to-face appointment/pre-arranged telephone call may be necessary in order to discuss and pursue matters personally.

However, I ask that all cases must first be raised with me in writing by letter or email.

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Many people think that their MP exists to solve all their problems for them: this is not the case.

MPs are there to legislate and help only with those matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible.

For many matters, the appropriate first step would be to contact your local Cotswold District or Gloucestershire County Councillor.

Stow GP Public Meeting

Verbatim Minutes of the Stow-on-the-Wold Public Meeting to discuss the provision of a new GP surgery – 30 June 2017.


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