10th August 2017

School Funding

I warmly welcomed the Secretary of State for Education’s, Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, announcement last month that there will be an additional £1.3 billion for schools in 2018-19 and 2019-20 amounting to £4,800 per pupil for every secondary school.

Under the previous proposals, all the Cotswolds large primary schools and secondary schools would have received budget cuts, resulting in a reduction of teaching staff, increased class sizes and falling standards. Under the new formula, funding per pupil will now be maintained in real terms with gains of up to 3% per pupil in underfunded schools in the Cotswolds – a significant improvement on previous proposals.

I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Cotswolds’ schools receive fair funding by leading the campaign in the national media and organising a delegation of MPs to raise our concerns directly to the Secretary of State for Education and the Prime Minister on several occasions. It goes without saying that I will continue my campaign to protect the Cotswolds’ schools.

Meeting with Gloucestershire Care Services

I recently met with the Chair and Chief Executive of the Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust. Despite the Liberal Democrats employing their usual tricks to attack my alleged lack of support for healthcare services.

I have always supported the invaluable service that the NHS provides in the Cotswolds and my priority as an MP is to ensure that constituents receive the most effective and efficient healthcare possible and that NHS staff can care for patients to the highest standards possible. I received welcome news from Gloucestershire Care Services that there are no plans to cut any further services in the future.

APPG for International Trade & Investment

APPG for International Trade & Investment

L-R Mark Garnier MP, Rt Hon Liam Fox MP, GC-B

Since the recent General Election, I have been re-elected as the Chair of the APPG for International Trade & Investment, which covers all sectors of the UK economy from agri-business and engineering to professional services and education.

The APPG celebrated its relaunch in Parliament with an in-depth and highly constructive meeting with the Secretary of State for International Trade, Rt Hon Liam Fox MP and the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Trade, Mark Garnier MP. The two Ministers painted a positive picture of Britain’s trading opportunities post-Brexit and the APPG looks forward to continue working closely with them to achieve this.

North Nibley Broadband

During my extensive election campaign in which I knocked on approximately 5,000 doors, spoke to 1,000 constituents and visited 120 of the Cotswolds’ towns and villages I was delighted by how many of these places either had had fibre laid or were in the process of doing so.

I welcome the news that Fastershire have begun phase 2 of the rollout of broadband across the constituency, including North Nibley. Progress can be viewed here:

NFU Meeting

Last week I held two useful meetings with the Moreton-in-Marsh and Cirencester and Wotton NFU branches. As a result of these valuable meetings I am working closely with the RAU and NFU to invite the new Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, to a major meeting at the RAU in autumn.

1922 Committee

In additional news, I was extremely pleased to have been re-elected as the Treasurer of the 1922 Committee last month.


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Cirencester Survey

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Gloucestershire Local Enterprise Partnership meeting at the newly constructed Growth Hub

Following the Chequers meeting the Government published its White Paper on the UK’s future relationship with the EU last Thursday. Whatever view one takes on the Brexit process, the British people voted clearly to leave the EU. 

18th July 2018

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Stow GP Public Meeting

Verbatim Minutes of the Stow-on-the-Wold Public Meeting to discuss the provision of a new GP surgery – 30 June 2017.


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