10th July 2017

I was pleased to visit the Abbey 900 in Cirencester Abbey grounds after my surgery on Saturday and to chat to some of the participants and audience on a glorious summer’s morning. I was taken by Corinne Lamus, Festival Ambassador, to see the fantastic Lego model of the old Cirencester Palace in the Church and I was able to make a contribution to some of the bricks to start that construction of a new portal. I would like to wish the Abbey 900 Festival every possible success.

L-R Tony Curry, Corinne Lamus, Revd Richardson,  GC-B, Shirley Alexander, Karen Webber

L-R Tony Curry, Corinne Lamus, Revd Richardson,
GC-B, Shirley Alexander, Karen Webber

Stow-on-the-Wold Public Meeting

In my previous newsletter I promised to provide an update on the public meeting to discuss the provision of a new doctors surgery in Stow on 30 June. I held this meeting because the people in Stow were dissatisfied with the progress to building new premises since planning permission was granted in June 2015. The CQC have said that the current premises were not fit for purpose.

The meeting itself was extremely well attended by at least 160 people. The meeting heard from the Tall Trees development architect – Andrew Eastabrook – who said that negotiations for finance are at an advanced stage. In addition, a team are now working hard to discharge all pre-commencement conditions. Mr Eastabrook hoped to sign with the Stow doctors and to begin clearing and excavating the site by September this year.

The other applicant, John Nutbourne, also addressed the meeting. He has applied for a non-residential doctors surgery site and he hoped that this would be heard this month – we have recently heard from the CDC planning committee that it is likely to be heard in August. His application differs from the Tall Trees site in that it has access from the Oddington Road and has room for expansion on a single storey basis. Mr Nutbourne reiterated that as a developer he had ongoing finance for his developments and has a proven track record of building in the area.

On my part, I stressed that I did not favour either site, my whole impetus for calling this public meeting was to get a viable doctors surgery as soon as possible in order to provide the people of Stow and its doctors with a proper solution. I proposed the following motion: That this meeting calls on Cotswold District Council to expedite the John Nutbourne application as   soon as possible. This was passed by 140 voters to 14. If passed there will be a competition to decide which site is approved by the doctors first.

I am not prepared to wait another two years for a new doctors surgery in Stow. As a result I have provisionally booked another public meeting for January/February 2018 unless substantial progress has been made.

School Funding

On Tuesday, I spoke in the House of Commons regarding the ongoing debate over school funding ( – this remains my primary concern at this time. All parents, governors and teachers should be reassured that I am doing my level best to ensure that the Cotswolds’ schools receive a reasonable level of funding. I will continue to campaign hard on this important issue.

Our manifesto promise that no school will receive less money is a welcome start, but I would like to see increased funding for all pupils in the Cotswolds.

Thank you Party

I hosted a very pleasant evening at my house on Thursday evening for all those people that helped me during my General Election campaign. For all of those who were unable to attend, may I reiterate my sincere thanks for your valuable help that saw me achieve an excellent result in the Cotswolds.

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Latest Newsletter

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown opening the new Stratton Court Care Home

I was very pleased to have been invited to the opening of the new nursing home and retirement village at Stratton Court in Cirencester.

17th May 2018

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Stow GP Public Meeting

Verbatim Minutes of the Stow-on-the-Wold Public Meeting to discuss the provision of a new GP surgery – 30 June 2017.


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