Weekly Update 25th October 2016

25th October 2016

As usual the diary was full of meetings and events spanning a range of issues. On Wednesday I met with Cotswold farmer Ian Boyd of Boyd Farms with the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association at the ‘Pasture For Life’ launch in Parliament. It is paramount that farmers like Ian are presented with a good forum to meet with policy makers to discuss the benefits of good pasture in producing higher quality meat and milk. Lord Gardiner – from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – was in attendance to offer farmers important information regarding the Government’s plans to better support small and medium sized pasture based farms.

Pasture for Life Campaign

Ian Boyd, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Lord Gardiner

I was happy to meet with the Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, to discuss – amongst other things – the importance of language in our Brexit negotiations. At such a momentous time in British politics, it must be reiterated that any negativity concerning Britain’s future will only damage the UK’s future opportunities. It is the onus of politicians and the media to convey optimism and positivity in order to get the best deal for our country.

With Boris Johnson

With Boris Johnson


On to an event held by the Oliver King Foundation to raise awareness of the dangers surrounding poor access to public defibrillators. I was astonished to hear the statistic that across the UK, 82 people will suffer a cardiac arrest daily and only 8 will survive. I have campaigned for and achieved an increase in defibrillator numbers across the Cotswolds. It is imperative that areas such as The Cotswolds with its many rural and isolated communities continue to have good access to life-saving medical equipment. 

Oliver King Foundation

Jake Morrison, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Mark King


I was delighted to meet with constituent Darren Butler who runs the ‘Pink and Blue washkits’ charity which provides basic essentials such as toiletries to homeless people around the Cotswolds. Along with Cheltenham MP, Alex Chalk, we discussed how the upcoming Homelessness Reduction Bill will legally bind local authorities to provide help and assistance to anyone threatened with homelessness. Cirencester already has a number of excellent organisations to provide care and support for vulnerable homeless people such as the Cirencester Signpost. I commend Darren’s work and will continue to back ‘Pink and Blue’ washkits.

Pink and Blue Washkits

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Darren Butler and Alex Chalk MP


Finally, I spoke at an event given by Industry Forum in London on boosting UK exports and foreign investment. I was delighted to see senior figues from Barclays, BAE Systems and the US Embassy – amongst others – at such an important event. As I have said many times before, Britain is a trading nation and we must be bold and confident in the post-Brexit world in promoting British goods and services and selling to them to new and growing markets

Cirencester Survey

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